Environmental and Movement Monitoring for Airports

About Us

EMMA is a young and diverse team of consultants, innovators and software engineers that have seen how A-CDM has been implemented so far: Rigid, incomplete and not always providing the benefits it was meant to bring. We intend to make airport operations more efficient & predictable and generate accurate forecasting.

This is why our team developed EMMA, a real-time A-CDM dashboard that enables operators and administrators to plan and manage airport flights schedules with a seamless user interface to visualize sensory information and data from different sources to allow for fast and accurate decision making.

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge from Silicon Valley, insights into the latest technologies and airport processes along with extensive experience in network infrastructure and information technologies. We make sense of all airport data so we can contribute directly to the passenger experience and the efficiency of all key airport players. Let’s discuss how we can help you do things differently!