Here is Why COVID Should Not Lead to a Freeze in Airport IT Spending

By Jean Luc Devisscher
2nd March, 2021

With airport operations gradually recovering, obtaining IT investment funding has never been so difficult. With the ongoing COVID crisis expected to run till past the summer - given the slow vaccine rollout in many parts of the world - many airports have halted major investments, whether in IT or in hardware.

As on many occasions, once your revenue sources dry up, you need to undertake drastic measures and these are all related to the cost base of a company. With most IT costs being fixed or a part of OpEx spending, the focus in budget cuts lies on new investments; these mostly get cancelled or delayed even though they can be considered critical for the future of the airport.

EMMA’s A-CDM platform is offered in a SaaS model. This means that airports can adopt the solution and pay per movement, which considers the currently low movement levels and makes the implementation of A-CDM extremely affordable.

The SaaS approach is an ideal approach to give airports breathing space, implementing key solutions to make sure that when traffic goes back to normal, it can also capture the full efficiency gains that A-CDM has been known to deliver.

Even with the current pressure to minimize investments or the adoption of new solutions, implementing A-CDM or a total airport management (TAM) solution in the current circumstances is ideal as the impact can be tested during the full reboot phase and changes can easily be made in the different elements that impact those airport operations.

With A-CDM becoming a key requirement for international airports in the years to come, now is the best time for airports and their stakeholders to (re)define their core processes and make sure these are reflected in the A-CDM platform. This allows for the right elements to be shown in the dashboard and optimal decisions to be made by the team in charge so that airports enjoy the full impact the solution brings to all stakeholders, including passengers. Passengers can benefit from less time lost in the entire turnaround process and spend more time doing fun things at the airport rather than getting frustrated by yet another delay. In times where many passengers are still worried or hesitant to fly, guaranteeing on-time arrival and departure is a significant benefit that all airport players – in addition to the passenger - can truly benefit from.

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