How do APOC and A-CDM relate?

By Jean Luc Devisscher
28th June, 2022

A brief explanation.
APOC or Airport Operations Centre (AOC) is a location that consists of various airport systems related to the operations of the airport. It is established to help for a centralized supervision. Usually, each stakeholder has its own AOC; Airport Operator, Ground Handlers and ATC. Communication between the stakeholders for gathering data mostly happens over the radio which in itself holds a lot of restrictions.

On the other hand, A-CDM is a set of procedures and a software that collects information from various sources from different stakeholders, they process it and validate it before coming up with an accurate prediction of an event (arrival, departure,…). Following that, it shares it again with the related stakeholders. Unlike APOC, the A-CDM solution is being used by all the stakeholders and everyone has a specific role and responsibility towards the data generated through the system.

Have a look at the below table to understand the (simplified) comparison between both:

It is a location It is a Software and procedures
It includes various systems and operators It is one System with multiple users
Usually only concerned with one stakeholder. Each stakeholder has its Operations Center. Managed by Airport Operator but users are all the other stakeholders
Covers all aspects in the airport such as Passenger Processing, Terminal Operations, Apron and Airfield Operations, Flight operations, Safety, Security. Focus on optimizing the Flight Cycle predications (integrate with other systems to do so)
A-CDM could be part of APOC A-CDM could be implemented without having an APOC

Note: EMMA is an Information Sharing platform with A-CDM capabilities. It can easily integrate A-CDM in any APOC set up so it can be used as the single point of truth for all airport operations.

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