Still believe in AODB? Why not choose the smarter way?

By Jean Luc Devisscher
March 22 ,2023

In many airports the AODB is still similar to what it was do decades ago.

A central data depository that is often seen as the core of any airport operations management system. It allows the integration of airport control systems, airport resource allocation and airport invoicing systems under one user interface or at least that is the sales pitch.

But the AODB concept has been around for many decades and is no longer at par with what a good data flow management system should be capable of which is making the data intelligent, adding AI, allowing for the prioritization of data sources and making sure the data is usable to draw conclusions and doesn’t need to be further reworked or analyzed.

With the ongoing digitalization exercise at airports, the time is right to question how we manage IT at airports and what tools are needed to create a better understanding of all operational issues.

Managing data and data sources is critical as data forms the basis of all actions we define and the conclusions we can draw from them.

This is why the AODB as we know it, is no longer usable in a modern smart airport environment as it has to many limitations and doesn’t correspond to the evolving needs of all stakeholders.

What should be the airport’s stronghold has often become the weakest link hence the need for a redefinition of the IT landscape at an airport and with it also the tools that have been around without many changes over the last decades.

Not only is an AODB very costly – and in some airports still proprietary - its benefits have decreased over time which is why any operational management system should consist of the latest AI enabled data integration capabilities thereby replacing the AODB set up as we know it.

Done is the time that every airport should maintain a multitude of expensive solutions without a possibility for quick changes or adaptations, welcome to the era of true smart airports where new solutions and data sources can be added on the go. Where every airport can make choices based on the latest data and new solutions added when needed with little or no outside intervention.

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