The end to end passenger experience, if it exists where is it?

By Jean Luc Devisscher
March 22 ,2023

Digitalisation or digital transformation is the buzzword that many airports use in their yearly reports to indicate that they will more than ever focus on making the passenger experience a key pillar of their strategy. If that is the case, why do I feel so little difference?

In many instances check-in remains a true disaster, security is a nightmare and having a clear understanding of when the airplane will leave is another big uncertainty.

Waiting at the gate I don’t find very enjoyable as most airports have reduced the waiting space to just a fraction of all passengers that will board, instead I could have spent more time drinking coffee, shopping or simply walking around if I had known that the boarding time was not being respected.

With COVID many airports learned that it’s not good to have so many passengers on one square meter and that boarding could be done much more orderly than is (was) the case with so many airports.

Managing CIOVID safely is great but the experience should be seen much wider. The experience is often a matter of materializing a nice vision of what passengers like to having the right IT tools or at least have tools that work alongside each other.

If the entire experience at the airport is great but that great experience gets lost at the gate when boarding or while in the plane waiting to get permission for take-off then all the work has been for nothing since the last steps in the total experience will determine the overall perception.

This is where a full gap analysis makes a lot of sense, understanding where passengers give much attention to, where the best-in-class airports have been focusing on, adding lessons learned from COVID, making sure all stakeholders at the airport understand how they impact that experience and how together they make a true difference. More importantly.. learn how each individual working at the airport can collaborate better to create that truly great end to end passenger experience.

Only a full view on the operational side of things, understanding what blocks stakeholders from delivering upon their targets and how each step is perceived by passengers can turn an airport into a real great start of any holiday or travel experience.

For that there can be not us and them, there can only be one team with the same objectives in mind that understands its role in the chain of events and that can rely on the latest IT technologies to support these objectives in a smooth manner.

At EMMA Systems we can manage – from concept definition to full implementation - one of the key processes to manage the turn-around process and we collaborate with best-in-class providers to enable the full passenger experience.

Discuss with us how we can support your passenger experience strategy and let’s go for a passenger and a stakeholder first approach.

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