Predictive analytic technologies are the solution to tackle disruption management at airports.

A recent survey indicated that airports have learned a lot of important lessons from COVID and how to deal with unexpected events.

There is no other element that disturbs traffic more than unforeseen events, many airports have a hard time when it comes to dealing with unplanned events.

While airports mostly run a well-oiled machine, unforeseen events can disturb the entire operational process bringing many services at a near complete standstill and disturbing many other users in a disproportionate way. This is most likely the reason why most airports have put this topic so high on their priority list.

To make data predictable, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is key. The AI should interpret historical and actual data and use it for predictive purposes and avoid that short disruptions lead to a cascade of issues that will make the disruption much bigger than it should be.

Containment of serious issues is key with any predictive approach that gets implemented.

When building EMMA Systems’ Operational Management system from scratch we gave a lot of attention to the AI aspect. One of the key valuable assets of an airport is its data, past and present data on all operations, incoming and departing flights etc...but also the data of the expected flight movements for the months to come.

Based on past, current and future data we can accurately predict key timings and the airport can use these to organize and prepare itself in a timely manner.

EMMA systems uses a wide set of data points so that predictions can be made very accurate, its latest generation AI engine is not only the industry standard but is a key part of its overall solution. We make predictability our key asset and have the right AI experts that help to deliver the right data that supports a great passenger experience and decreases operational costs for airports by limiting unnecessary movements and making staffing level needs fully predictable.

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