The Ecosystem: get access to the world’s leading applications all via one platform.

1st February 2024

Ecosystem is a word that is often used or misused.

Merriam Webster calls it something (such as a network of businesses) considered to resemble an ecological ecosystem especially because of its complex interdependent parts.

In the context of the airport world, an ecosystem is a synergistic collaboration of diverse companies, each leveraging its unique competencies to offer exceptional solutions tailored to specific needs within the industry.

These companies excel in providing leading-edge applications that address distinct challenges or requirements within airport operations. A robust airport ecosystem is built on the premise of uniting these specialized applications within a cohesive framework, allowing the end user, typically an airport or aviation-related company, to access a curated selection of best-in-class applications seamlessly integrated into a single platform.

This integration optimizes operational efficiency, as the user can benefit from a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions that collectively enhance various facets of airport management, ranging from ground handling to passenger services.

By fostering collaboration and interoperability among these industry leaders, the airport ecosystem ensures that users have streamlined access to top-tier applications, fostering innovation, and ultimately elevating the overall performance and effectiveness of airport operations.

This is completely different from a world where solutions were once built on proprietary platforms and where there was typically one vendor offering a great solution with many different other applications that could not really be called best-in-class.

The ecosystem works with next generation platforms, more flexible, more independent and easily interconnectable.

The future of the IT environment are open platforms that allow for many applications to be hosted on it and the users can use the applications they need, developers make sure they work seamless with other applications so together they form the basis for all the needs of the different levels of users.

The advantage is that the user can be in control, if (s)he likes the application (s)he will use it and combine it with others to come to the overriding solution (s)he needs.

At EMMA Systems we have decided to partner with other companies big and small and host their solutions on an open platform re-uniting the best applications. Customers thus always benefit from the best solutions around.

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