EMMA Systems signs a partnership agreement with Polish aviation specialist AP Tech.


Delaware - SEP 10, 2022

EMMA Systems helps airports to increase their RoI (Return on Investment), making their operations efficient and predictable by optimising the use of resources and increasing operational transparency through its AI platform. EMMA Systems’ platform facilitates the implementation of EUROCONTROL's A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) requirements and increases the predictability of operational events by analysing airport operational patterns through its AI technology.

To support its expansion in Poland and broadening its offering, EMMA Systems has entered into an agreement with Polish based AP Tech. Under the agreement, AP Tech will expand its portfolio of leading aviation and ATC solutions with an extension to the world of airport management solutions adding EMMA Systems' A-CDM solution. This will allow the company to offer a unique airport management suite to leading airports in Poland combining it with the company’s airside and ATC solutions including but not limited to A-SMGCS and ALCMS (Airfield Ground Lighting and Monitoring Control Systems).

Wisam Costandi, CEO of EMMA Systems:Our collaboration with an experienced airport partner is critical not only to support our expansion strategy, but also to ensure that we collaborate with partners who know the local industry and have the capacity to take on the commercialization and integration of our solution into an operational airport configuration. Our solution works with existing airport systems, allowing for an easy integration. AP Tech has an extensive experience in the aviation industry with a series of airside and ATC solutions and implementations, so it is ideally positioned to support EMMA’s expansion in the region.

Marcin Bondyra, CEO of AP Tech: We have been building a solid own portfolio of solutions for the aviation industry, from ALCMS to ASMGCS. The collaboration with EMMA Systems will allow us to further expand in our offering towards Polish ATC and airports. As airports are looking for solutions that will help its overall performance both on the passenger experience level as on a decrease of costs and the creation of a higher RoI we are convinced that the collaboration with EMMA Systems makes excellent sense. Our collaboration will create new opportunities in the country and address the challenges phased by our key airports.

A-CDM makes airports more efficient and effective by having the different stakeholders work closely together to achieve the milestones defined in the A-CDM process by EUROCONTROL. EMMA Systems supports the creation of an A-CDM platform, the adaptation of CONOPS and creates the platform and dashboard for all airport stakeholders to work closely together, achieve the defined milestones and support faster change and a high degree of sustainability by eliminating unnecessary airside movements. The financial, operational and sustainability benefits are substantial, as A-CDM is also seen as a key element for airports to reconnect to profitability, support the move to C02 neutrality and create a better passenger experience.

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