Brussels South Charleroi Airport and EMMA Systems Collaborate to Implement an Airport Operations Management Platform


This AI platform will help the airport comply with EUROCONTROL’s A-CDM requirements and will provide extensive functionality for the real-time monitoring of operations.

14th October, 2021

Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA), Belgium’s second-largest airport in terms of passenger traffic, and EMMA Systems, a provider of operations management solutions for airports, have agreed to collaborate to jointly configure, test and commission an airport operations management platform (with A-CDM functionality) at BSCA. EMMA System’s platform will help BSCA increase the predictability of operations, reduce delays, conserve fuel and decrease operational costs.

“We look forward to working closely with EMMA Systems to develop a best-in-class A-CDM approach and leverage the power of EMMA’s cutting-edge technology towards reaching new levels of efficiency and sustainability within our operations,” stated Philippe Verdonck, Chief Executive Officer at Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

EMMA Systems’ airport operations management platform utilizes a microservices architecture which facilitates the seamless implementation of new solutions and features. In the rapidly evolving sphere of aviation technology, this allows for the quick development of additional services and the integration of multiple data sources into the platform, reducing development and integration time from months or years to just a few weeks. Using artificial intelligence, EMMA’s platform analyzes current and past traffic flows to accurately predict key timestamps and upcoming operational hindrances, improving operational predictability.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport will introduce A-CDM at the airport and implement all functionalities of EMMA Systems’ airport operations management platform. With traffic gradually increasing, the airport hopes to see traffic ramping up further to pre-COVID levels after the pandemic. This proactive measure will allow BSCA to improve passenger experience and put the airport in a better position to manage an increase in passenger numbers. “We are extremely happy that BSCA has selected EMMA Systems as their partner to jointly develop their A-CDM approach. The airport has a unique setup and has developed commendable ambitions through its long-term plan. EMMA is ideally placed to support the airport’s success now and in the future,” says Wisam Costandi, CEO and co-founder of EMMA Systems. This collaboration will help EMMA Systems gain additional insight into airport operations and fine-tune their offering so that the company’s solutions can be further tailored to match airports’ evolving needs.

About Brussels South Charleroi Airport
Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA), the second-largest airport in Belgium (in terms of passenger traffic), serves airlines from 53 countries and has facilitated air travel for more than 8 million passengers. The airport was ranked 14th by AirHelp 2019 in terms of operational punctuality and passenger experience. BSCA values environmental sustainability and has taken several initiatives to reduce air and noise pollution.

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