EMMA Systems signs a partnership agreement with French integrator ALPHA CIM to extend its offer to French-speaking airports.


Paris - June 13, 2022

EMMA Systems helps airports make their operations efficient and predictable by optimizing resource utilization and increasing operational transparency through its AI platform.

EMMA System's platform facilitates the implementation of EUROCONTROL's Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) requirements and increases the predictability of operational events by analyzing airports' operational patterns through its AI technology. The company recently signed a collaboration agreement with Brussels South Charleroi Airport for the implementation of A-CDM and several other airports will adopt its A-CDM solution shortly.

To support its expansion in French-speaking territories and broaden its offering, EMMA Systems has entered into an agreement with Paris-based ALPHA-CIM. As part of this agreement, ALPHA-CIM will expand its offering to complement EMMA Systems' A-CDM solution and will be able to provide a complete suite of solutions to French-speaking airports.

Wisam Costandi, CEO of EMMA Systems:Our collaboration with a well-known brand in the airport industry is essential not only to support our expansion strategy, but also to ensure that we are working with partners who know the industry and have the capabilities to support the integration of our solution into an airport operational configuration. Our solution overlays existing airport systems, allowing for easy integration. ALPHA CIM understands the role of all key airport systems and is ideally positioned to perform a quick and seamless integration and to provide first line support.

Jean-Michel Labaille, President of ALPHA-CIM: Our future collaboration with EMMA Systems is in line with our desire to expand in the airport world. ALPHA-CIM has the business skills and technical experience to design and build turnkey systems with EMMA Systems' A-CDM solution. The technical basis for this collaboration has been acquired, and it is with great collegial motivation that we will work together for this new mission. A-CDM makes airports more efficient and effective by having the various stakeholders work closely together to achieve the milestones defined in the A-CDM process by EUROCONTROL. EMMA Systems supports the creation of an A-CDM platform, the adaptation of CONOPS and creates the platform and dashboard for all airport stakeholders to work closely together, achieve the defined milestones and support a faster turnaround and a high degree of sustainability by eliminating unnecessary airside movements. The financial, operational and sustainability benefits are substantial and A-CDM is then also seen as a key element for airports to return to profitability, support a move towards CO2 neutrality and create a better passenger experience.

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