Zagreb Airport and EMMA Systems collaborate to implement an Airport Operations Management Platform/A-CDM


25th June  2023

Zagreb Airport in Croatia will implement Emma Systems’ airport operations management platform (A-CDM). 

Emma Systems’ AI platform will help the airport comply with Eurocontrol’s A-CDM requirements and will provide extensive functionality for real-time operations monitoring. Emma Systems’ airport operations management platform utilizes a microservices architecture that facilitates the seamless implementation of new solutions and features. In the rapidly evolving sphere of aviation technology, this allows for the quick development of additional services and the integration of multiple data sources into the platform, reducing development and integration time from months or years to just a few weeks. Using artificial intelligence, Emma’s platform analyzes current and past traffic flows to accurately predict key timestamps and upcoming operational hindrances, improving operational predictability.


Emma Systems will support Zagreb Airport in introducing A-CDM at the airport. It has been helping the airport with its novel turnkey deployment, including a consultative approach in understanding the needs and challenges of all stakeholders to fine-tune the airport’s concept of operations (CONOPS) and develop a platform that is fully in line with the airport’s expectations and ambitions. The airport has seen a good recovery in 2022, with a further increase expected this year. The move to a new operational platform will allow the airport to improve the passenger experience and put Zagreb in a better position to manage the constant increase in passenger numbers.  

Wisam Costandi, CEO and co-founder of Emma Systems, said, “We are extremely happy that Zagreb Airport has selected Emma Systems as their partner to move to A-CDM. The airport has an ambitious development plan and Emma Systems will play an important role to support their path to further growth and ambition to excel in passenger experience. Emma is ideally placed to support the airport’s success now and in the future. This new collaboration confirms Emma Systems’s further expansion in the airport segment and our role in supporting the rollout of A-CDM on a global level. Our full value chain approach from the consultative approach to the adaptation of the airport’s CONOPS to the implementation of a platform that is tailor-made to the airport’s ambitions will guarantee that what is being supported is really what the airport needs and can be further tailored to match the airport’s evolving needs.

Duthilleul, chief operations officer at Zagreb Airport, said, “We look forward to working closely with Emma Systems to develop a best-in-class A-CDM approach and leverage the power of Emma’s leading-edge technology to help us improve the efficiency and overall 
sustainability approach of the airport.” 

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