Environmental and Movement Monitoring for Airports

Our Solutions

Realtime dashboard

EMMA is a realtime information platform based on the information of all airport partners.All the data EMMA translates into a web dashboard integrating multiple legacy systems providing ONE snapshot analysis of the entire airport’s operations, from flights (A-CDM) to ground movements (ATC) to weather (MET) to passengers (APM) to baggage (BHS) to an aerial view of the airport's runway. This allows airports and all stakeholders to understand (with the glimpse of an eye) what is happening and what can be improved. The AI enabled platform will suggest improvements and make the necessary predictions and forecasts, allowing to improve operations fast and with the right information to back up the need for changes with certain stakeholders.

Plug & Play A-CDM

A-CDM creates full transparency on airport operations and determines how efficiency gains can be achieved. It is the main component of the EMMA AI platform. EMMA is different from so many other solutions in it that it is easy to implement while using the latest technology stacks delivering a superior experience and adhering to the highest standards. EMMA helps to improve Air Traffic Flow and Control Management (ATFCM) at airports, reduces delays, improves predictabilities of events and optimizes resource utilization. These processes are structured into EMMA to provide all the airport operators more predictable information about key events of a flight. EMMA supports all og the A-CDM elements stipulated by EUROCONTROL.

Predictability and forecasting

The EMMA platform can assimilate various sources of data and display them in a meaningful way. Intelligence is incorporated into the system to predict and forecast critical events. Thanks to its simple non-proprietary interfacing or API, EMMA interfaces with various systems across the airport, collects information and accordingly sends alerts and notifications, allowing users to make changes according to their needs and changing conditions/priorities.